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La Costa de Papito is located 4 hours driving time from San Jose at Playa Cocles one and a half kilometers (1 mile) southeast of Puerto Viejo town. We are 5 minutes by car outside of town on the beach road, 10 minutes by bicycle and 25 minutes walking.

Playa Cocles is host to the Puerto Viejo open surf tournament in January and July when the waves are delicious. In May, September and October the ocean flattens out into a smooth transparent blue, ideal for snorkeling, fishing and carefree floating.

Interestingly, while it rains everywhere else in Costa Rica during September and October, on the south Caribbean coast we have only sunny weather! Apparently the hurricanes passing deep in the Caribbean suck out the moisture here on the coast and circle it back as rain in the Central Valley and the Pacific coast.

"Costa Rica`s South Caribbean Coast is nothing short of a genuine
Caribbean experience. The same blue sea, the balmy coconut palms,
the pristine white sand beaches, it´s Afro - Caribbean inhabitants,
sensual rhythms, exotic dishes and English island- derived speech
cadence are equivalent to what one experiences in the tropical islands.
The Caribbean coast is Costa Rica´s special bonus attraction.
Culturally and ecologically distinct it offers the visitor a separate
experience in another Costa Rica that seems to belong to somewhere else."
- Eddie Ryan -