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Eddie Ryan first came to
Puerto Viejo from New York City
in 1984 when there was no
electricity and a dollar
was worth 43 colones.
In 1987 he bought this lush
piece of paradise with a cash
advance on his credit card.
In 1993 he initiated the
La Costa de Papito narrative
with the construction of
one bungalow.
As time goes by this ongoing,
piecemeal production fills out
and matures.

Auxi Castillo Mora was born in Granada, Nicaragua and without knowing it came to Costa Rica years ago to marry Eddie Ryan. Mickey Dean, Juleddi and Auxiela Brillante are their CostaRican children.

In the 1980's Eddie was the Muse behind the evolution of New York City`s Carlton Arms Hotel (click) from a flophouse to an "artbreak hotel", where the living spaces (hotel rooms) were recreated by artists from all over the world.

"Ryan's years in the New York hotel business produced a sensitivity to human needs that is not the norm in these parts; he designed the bungalows so each has maximum privacy while offering plenty of air circulation and vistas of the surrounding foliage with large window openings.
- Guide Magazine -